In May 2008 the Department of Lands produced the Draft Assessment of Crown Land – Chinese Market Gardens, Phillip Bay, it stated:

“Given the current environmental constraints and current state of the subject land, the site is considered not suitable for the establishment of a cemetery. As per the Australasian Cemeteries and Crematoria Association (2004) Guidelines for the establishment of a Cemetery if the water table is too high burials may not be possible.”

Given the State Government’s projection of estimated sea level rises of 40cm by 2025, the argument against the establishment of a cemetery based on water table levels seems further supported.

The above document continues,

“The other significant factor to be considered in any preliminary investigation to the establishment of a cemetery is the heritage significance of the Chinese Market Gardens which are listed on the State Heritage Register.”

Submission to retain La Perouse market gardens, Sydney

cover-sub_market_gardenA submission written for the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network for the retention of the market garden at La Perouse an a part of Sydney’s local food supply.

Urban farming for city food security — Submission to Phillip Bay Land Assessment, NSW Department of Lands On behalf of: Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network



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