Randwick City Councillors



I don’t support any expansion of the cemetery. I think we need to protect the Chinese Market Gardens. I supported the rural zoning of the market gardens and will always do so. I understand we’re running out of cemetery space but the heritage of the market gardens is important. The need for sustainable food sources in the Sydney basin is critical. My view about the proposed cemetery expansion is different to some of my other Liberal colleagues. The great thing about the Liberal Party is we’re allowed to disagree with each other. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. But my opinion is clear – the market gardens are too important and should be protected.

GREENS CANDIDATE JAMES MACDONALD (on right, pictured at Market Gardens)

This treasured Chinese cultural icon has been a part of La Perouse since 1850 and destroying it would be trashing an agricultural heritage with roots as old as European settlement. This local business is a prime example of much-needed urban agriculture and its loss would be hypocritical from a council who emphasises environmental sustainability. The market gardens are the livelihood of two families and we should be proud that locally-grown produce is sold in markets across Sydney. Their destruction would be tragic. Sadly, the Liberals have already flagged they will not fight for the gardens. The land’s suitability for agriculture makes it a poor choice for human burial: it is low-lying and prone to flooding. The problem of diminishing cemetery space is serious, but destroying the gardens is not the answer.


 Labour Team:  Noel D’Souza with Leanne Hughes and Patrick Garcia

This is little more then a cheap land grab by the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park at the expense of the locals. What about the local ratepayers, do our opinions not matter? To the best of my knowledge the O’Farrell Government is poised later in the year to reverse the council’s decision. My view on this important issue is the same as expressed by my Labor colleagues in council that the land that has been zoned rural, must stay zoned rural. The Chinese Gardens at La Perouse must be saved. We need the Mayor Scott Nash to reassure the residents of the South Ward that Randwick Council’s decision on this matter is final and that the O’Farrell Government will respect people’s wishes and not cave in and reverse council’s decision.

The Courier had not received a response from Cr Charles Matthews by deadline.


If you would like a list of the Councillors’ contact details, click link below:

Councillor contact details for Public Information  (pdf 56kb) Below are all the current Randwick City Councillors in order of the Ward they represent. Click on the Councillor’s name for more information.

How they voted on the Market Gardens on 24 July 2012.

REJECT CEMETERY – 8 Councillors rejected the Cemetery Proposal and restated support for RU4 zoning.  They supported Council’s independent Planning Consultant, Ms Tina Spiegel, who recommended this.

SUPPORT CEMETERY – 6 Councillors, including the Mayor, proposed to progress the Cemetery Trust proposal claiming that this would include ‘community consultation’.  Yet consultation has occurred since the 2008 Lands report which recommended against Cemetery uses was released, since the Mayoral minute proposing protection, and during the long LEP process.  It appears the supporters of the Cemetery want consultation to continue until they get what they want.

Central Ward Councillors

Name Party
Anthony AndrewsSupport Cemetery  IND  Cr Anthony Andrews
Geoff StevensonSupport Cemetery   ALP  Cr Geoff Stevenson
Ted SengReject Cemetery   LIB  Cr Ted Seng

East Ward Councillors

Name Party
Murray MatsonReject Cemetery Greens  Cr Murray Matson
Bruce Notley-SmithAbsent    LIB  Cr Bruce Notley-Smith
Tony BowenReject Cemetery   ALP  Cr Tony Bowen

North Ward Councillors

Name Party
Kiel SmithSupport Cemetery  LIB  Cr Kiel Smith
Paul TraceyReject Cemetery  ALP  Cr Paul Tracey
Margaret WoodsmithReject Cemetery Greens  Cr Margaret Woodsmith

South Ward Councillors

Name Party
Robert BelleliReject Cemetery   LIB  Cr Robert Belleli
Alan WhiteReject Cemetery ALP  Cr Alan White
Charles MatthewsSupport Cemetery  NPMP  Cr Charles Matthews

West Ward Councillors

Name Party
Bradley Hughes
(Deputy Mayor)   Reject Cemetery
Greens  Cr Bradley Hughes
Scott Nash (His Worship the Mayor)Support Cemetery   LIB  Cr Scott Nash
John ProcopiadisSupport Cemetery   IND  Cr John Procopiadis

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