Randwick Council

CHINESE MARKET GARDENS – 1-19,21-39 Koorooera Ave, 1002-1100 Bunnerong Road & 1R Kooringai Ave – Council recommendation:

Due to its uniqueness in terms of local food production, biodiversity, heritage and scenic values, the site is proposed to be rezoned RU4 Primary Production Small Lot to preserve the primary agricultural use on the site, while protecting the State significant heritage and scenic character of the land.

Chinese Market Gardens Part 3A Development goes back to Randwick Council May 2011

Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act allowed the minister to be the sole consent authority for big projects. Developers were allowed to apply to the minister to have their projects dealt with under the provisions even if they exceeded local planning rules about height, density and zoning.  Further details.

Among the projects being returned to councils are the proposed redevelopments of the Coogee Bay Hotel, and the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park incursion into the Heritage Listed La Perouse Chinese Market Gardens on Bunnerong Road.  The proposed rezoning of the Chinese Market Gardens was the subject of a Mayoral Minute brought before Council at the meeting held on 23 November 2010 and the following recommendation was agreed:  “That Council write to the NSW Government reiterating its support for retaining the Chinese Market Gardens and seeking support to proceed with a spot rezoning of the site to conserve its market garden use.”

There has been community support for retaining the  Market Gardens since 2008 when the Department of Lands carried out an environmental assessment. See previous link. A petition was brought to parliament:  see page 9822 Hansard:  LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL 24 September 2008  PETITIONS La Perouse-Phillip Bay Chinese Market Gardens Petition opposing incorporation of Chinese market gardens at La Perouse-Phillip Bay into Botany Cemetery, received from the Hon. Henry Tsang. Further Details of Heritage Listing

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