CemeteryProposal to go to Randwick City Council 28th July

On 16 June 2015, Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW provided a briefing to Councillors on the Botany Cemetery (Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park) expansion proposal. This proposal primarily involved the Cemetery relinquishing its licenses and interests in the Chinese Market Gardens; Randwick Council gaining management control of the market gardens site; and Randwick Council assisting the Cemetery to secure land for its cemetery use from the adjacent Bumborah Point area, parts of Military Road and
unformed Crown Road land.

A. Council commence discussions with all stakeholders including Crown Land, OEH,
LALC, utility agencies, service providers and SMCT to identify all issues affecting
the proposed Botany Cemetery expansion into Lot 4858, Military Road and the
unformed Crown Road and the feasibility of addressing these issues.

B. Council commences consultations with Crown Lands Department on the future
operation and ownership of the Chinese Market Gardens site and the proposed
transfer of the unformed Crown road on the southern side of Botany Cemetery
to form part of the Cemetery.

C. the findings on the discussions/consultations with the stakeholders and
agencies be reported to Council for Council to consider its in-principle support
for the Botany Cemetery expansion proposal as detailed in the SMCT Briefing