Yesterday’s storm resulted in extensive damage to crops and irrigation at the market gardens.  There is speculation around the cause.  Firstly, the volume of water running onto the site has possibly increased because of recent works to the detention area on Bunnerong Road.  Secondly, the third market garden, bordering Bicentennial Park is clogged with weeds and debris and could have contributed to the backup of water in the creek.  The third garden was in operation until 2011 and when the farmer retired Crown Lands issued a licence to the Cemetery Trust.

Third allotment Taken from Bicentennial Park border looking across third garden which is under licence to Cemetery Trust.
Car Photos (below) show damage to crops, irrigation and structures.  The extent of sediment deposited is shown in photograph of vehicle (left).
bridge underminedBridgecrop and irrigation damageCrop damage 4crop damage 5damage to crops 2damage to irrigationMore damagerubbish washed into the market gardens

Banks underminedBreaking banksDamage to pipes