Over the past 4 years Labour and Liberal Councillors in South Ward have supported the Market Gardens and the Independent, Charles Matthews, has supported the Cemetery Trust.  At yesterday’s Randwick Council elections Liberal Councillor Robert Belleli was returned with an increased vote. The retiring Labour Councillor, Alan White, was replaced by Labour’s Noel D’Souza and Labour’s Pat Garcia, claimed the position held by Charles Matthews.

Robert Belleli:  Liberal

Cr Robert Belleli

Telephone: 02 9314 3961, Mobile: 0407 466 174, Email:robert.belleli@randwick.nsw.gov.au

Statement on Market Gardens:  11/7/12 in Southern Courier

I don’t support any expansion of the cemetery. I think we need to protect the Chinese Market Gardens. I supported the rural zoning of the market gardens and will always do so. I understand we’re running out of cemetery space but the heritage of the market gardens is important. The need for sustainable food sources in the Sydney basin is critical. My view about the proposed cemetery expansion is different to some of my other Liberal colleagues. The great thing about the Liberal Party is we’re allowed to disagree with each other. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. But my opinion is clear – the market gardens are too important and should be protected.

Noel D’Souza:  Labour

Noel D'Souza - Randwick Labor Feel free to contact me at noel@randwicklabor.org if you have any questions regarding South Ward.

Statement on Market Gardens:  11/7/12 in Southern Courier

 This is little more then a cheap land grab by the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park at the expense of the locals. What about the local ratepayers, do our opinions not matter? To the best of my knowledge the O’Farrell Government is poised later in the year to reverse the council’s decision. My view on this important issue is the same as expressed by my Labor colleagues in council that the land that has been zoned rural, must stay zoned rural. The Chinese Gardens at La Perouse must be saved. We need the Mayor Scott Nash to reassure the residents of the South Ward that Randwick Council’s decision on this matter is final and that the O’Farrell Government will respect people’s wishes and not cave in and reverse council’s decision.

Pat Garcia: Labour

Pat Garcia - Randwick Labor