NOTE:  THAT THIS REPORT WAS NOT PREPARED BY COUNCIL OFFICERS.  THE AUTHOR IS CLARE BROWN PRINCIPAL PLANNER AT APP CORPORATION – Note this photograph on front page of the APP Website with disgraced former Planning and Crown Lands Minister, Tony Kelly, who was responsible for approving a Part 3A process for the Cemetery Trust takeover of the Market Gardens.   (Phone Numbers and Emails of Councillors)

Randwick City Council has just released it’s report on the Cemetery Proposal to takeover the Market Gardens.  This is the full report – COUNCIL REPORT FOR 24 July 2012 – and these are the recommendations that Councillors will consider next Tuesday, 24 July:


a) Council resolve that the proposal proceed to Gateway for determination under section 56 of the EP & A Act, subject to the Applicant preparing an amended planning proposal which addresses outstanding heritage and other issues identified in this report, and resubmit those documents to Council and the Department for consideration prior to exhibition of the revised planning proposal.

b) Council’s correspondence to the Gateway should clearly articulate the matters to be addressed through further investigations as identified in this report.

c) Council acknowledge the advice of the NSW Heritage Council and seek to work collaboratively with the Heritage Council and the Applicant in the development of the Conservation Management Plan.
The Conservation Management Plan will be required to be submitted to NSW Heritage Council for approval as part of the redefinition of the planning proposal.