Ms Katrina Hodgkinson MP

Minister Primary Industries and Small Business

Lvl 30 Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place Sydney NSW 2000

For years the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park Trust has coveted their neighbour’s Crown land.

However the Trust fails to publish detailed evidence of its efficient use of burial space.

In 2004 the Trust lobbied for the introduction of limited tenure, and welcomed New South Wales Legislation to revoke the aged rights to bury. “and declared it had “significantly influenced the operational lifespan of the cemetery”   (ESMP Annual Report 2004)

The ESMP Trust welcomed the 2005 a NSW Government Inquiry into the Funeral Industry that considered, efficient use of burial space including renewable tenure of gravesites, revocation of unused burial rights as well as practices in other countries with limited land available for burial.

Without providing results of their renewed business practices, the ESMP Board, announced in 2006 “its customers” had “instructed” them to “secure additional Crown Land in order to provide the segments of our community who require land for burial to meet their religious and cultural interment needs, (ESMP Annual report 2006)

The community expects Government agencies, e.g Cemeteries Interdepartmental Committee to conduct audits and publish report on ESMP Trust efficient use of existing burial space


1 Investigate and report on ESMP Trust’s

a) efficient use of burial space with reference to 2005 Government Report Standing Committee on Social Issues” The Funeral Industry “

b) Compliance with NSW Department Health and Australasian Cemeteries and Crematoria Association (2004) Guidelines for the establishment of a Cemetery in relation to burials in the water table.

2 Publish on the Department’s website, ESMP’s comprehensive, detailed Annual Income and Expenditure Reports  and ESMP Trust Plans of Management from and including 2004 , the year “the Board  has significantly influenced the operational lifespan of the cemetery” ESMP Annual Report 2004

3 Investigate ESMP Trust 2011 Plan of Management and confirm it includes assessed engineering costs referred to in Assessment 2010- Chinese market Garden
if the site was to undergo major earth works and changes to the hydrology, and all environmental constraints were sufficiently addressed the site could be modified to a point whereby various development activities could be accommodated, including establishment of a Cemetery.”

4 Provide ESMP with a leadership that follows best practice methods and discontinues pursuit of the La Perouse market garden Crown Land.

15 July 2012, Col Greene