Note: The Mayor, Councillor Scott Nash, has said he is willing to talk to everyone interested in this up until the Council Meeting on 22 May

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The exhibition of the Draft LEP has closed and the final report will be discussed by Councillors on May 22.  The report for Councillors will be on Randwick City Council’s website on the previous Wednesday:  16 May.   Full details of submissions on LEP at this link.  COUNCIL reports the following:  “Preliminary analysis shows approximately 3500 submissions have been received overall. Over 85% of total submissions relate to the zoning of the Chinese Market Gardens, with around 83% of these being form letters in support of zoning for cemetery purposes. The report on submissions to be considered by Council will contain further details of numbers and breakdown of submissions, and analysis of key issues.  For privacy reasons the names and identifying details of individual submissions have been blocked out. Where possible, duplicate submissions and form letters have not been printed multiple times.

Submissions from specific groups (only those related to La Perouse Market Gardens)
1. Government Agencies and adjoining Councils  –  Note there was no submission from Minister Parker’s Office of Environment and Heritage (Heritage Branch) and the Department of Primary Industries (Catchments and Lands) submission from Mr Stephen Fenn (Manager, Strategic Projects) states the following:

“War Lee Gardens – Lot 608 DP752015. – Crown Lands consider that an RU4 zoning is appropriate to ensure commercial hotricultural activities concur with appropriate planning controls.  This concurs with our communication position that an RU4 zoning over the southern section of the Chinese Market Gardens site adjoining Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park is appropriate.”

Mr Fenn refers to the War Lee Gardens which are located in Matraville not Phillip Bay.  The War Lee Gardens are not Heritage Listed nor are they located adjacent to the ESMP.  The Chinese Market Gardens at Phillip Bay are listed in the Lands Department Report of 2008 as Lots 1077, 1078, 1079. 

Note:  7/5/12:  Have checked with Planning at Randwick City Council.  Mr Fenn has suggested the War Lee Gardens be rezoned RU4.  The ‘communicated position’ apparently refers to a submission made last year – this is the summary of that submission which went to Council 22/11/11: 

Concerns raised about Council’s proposed Primary Production Small Lot zoning as the northern portion of the area has been identified for possible expansion of the cemetery. Suggest Council to consider a SP2 Infrastructure (Cemetery) zoning or alternatively consider additional permitted land use – cemetery. Note that Land Assessment approved by the former Minister for Lands on 5 July 2010 identifies ‘Community and Public Purpose’ (cemetery expansion) as one of the suitable uses. Note that the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park Trust is currently carrying out investigation to determine if the area is suitable for cemetery use. Suggest that an appropriate zoning be considered to address the burial shortage while preserving and improving the heritage values and public amenity of the area. Note also any future rezoning should allow an unformed Crown road (immediately to the south of the market gardens site) to be formed for access purposes to Crown land.

A classic case of obscurification but why?

2. Precinct Committees and Chambers of Commerce

3. Zoning of the Chinese Market Gardens, La Perouse

Part 1  – a collection of submissions against the Market Gardens.  Example of sentiment expressed:

 “We attended university, have our homes and business within close proximity to the present cemetery and we feel that in future we should have both our graves as well as the graves of older members of our family within close proximity.”

Despite being advised by the Chief Scientist of the NSW Food Authority that there are no contamination concerns, comments are still being made regarding food safety and references made to Phillip Bay as a site of noxious industry.

The Greek Orthodox Parish of South East Sydney St Spyridon submission states that “this is a highly emotional issue for our people who view the closure of Botany Cemetery as an encroachment on their beliefs.  The 1,500 signed submissions and the 1,100 emails forwarded to Council by our people are testimony to just how emotive the issue can become if their views are ignored.”

Link to Submissions supporting the Market Gardens  Part 2

8. Other submissions – organisations (includes submission supporting gardens)
9. Other submissions – individuals (note that these may also comment on the issues noted above)