Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 12:19 AM
Subject: Urban Food Production on Crown Land
To Mr Barry O’Farrell, Premier NSW
Dear Mr O’Farrell,
I note your Government’s commitment to Food Security and the recent establishment of the Office of Agricultural Sustainability and Food Security. It is in this context that I write to request that all current urban food producing Crown Land be protected and a record of locations and possibly other details be available on the Crown Lands website. In addition I request that an audit of all Urban Crown Land be conducted to identify lots with potential for food production. In protecting urban food producing Crown Land it is also important to request Local Councils to ensure appropriate zoning.
In 2008 the then Minister for Lands, Mr Tony Kelly, issued a Discussion Paper “Sustainable Burials in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area”. This was to address future planning for crown land cemeteries, based on the understanding that there will be increased demand.
We can expect increased demand for food and particularly for food produced locally. Almost half the area of New South Wales is Crown Land and it is timely that an audit of Crown land be conducted in the Sydney Metropolitan Area to ensure that food production gets at the very least the same attention as burials.
with regards,
Lynda Newnam